"swirl" is an excellent  platform for learning (and teaching) statistics and R simultaneously and interactively irrespective of whether or a beginner or a seasoned R programmer.

swirl leans heavily on exercising a student's use of the R console.

To capitalize on the whole set of features of "swirl" , we have to install the 'swirl" package in our respective R environment.

Pre-requisites : 
           R Must be installed on your system
           R-Studio must be also installed .

Step 1 :  Install the 'swirl' package 

             > install.packages('swirl')

Step 2 :  Load the 'swirl' package to our R environment memory

            > require(swirl)

Now , we have the 'swirl' package available to us within our R environment to initiate the Interactive learning using R .

The program is initiated with swirl()

Functions which control swirl's behaviour include 
                        bye() to quit, 
                        skip() to skip a question, 
                        main() to return to the main menu, 
                        play() to allow experimentation in the R console without interference from swirl, 
                        nxt() to resume interacting with swirl, 
                        and info() to display a help menu.

Now , what are you waiting for ….'Dive in ' & start getting immersed in the exciting world of 'Learning R , in R '.

Thanks & happy Learning
Priyaranjan Mohanty
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