What is "R"

R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.

The R language is widely used among 
  • Statisticians ,
  • Academicians & 
  • Data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis.

User Polls, data mining surveys and studies of scholarly literature databases, show substantial increases in popularity of R in recent years.

As of Oct 2018, R ranks 14th in the TIOBE index, a measure of popularity of programming languages.

Installing "R"

Before we Install R on our system lets revisit / reiterate few salient points of R -

  • R is Open Source Software of Free Software Language 
  • R is Cross Platform Compatible and thus can be installed on any OS environment 
  • R is highly Extensible and is being supported by freely available huge library of Packages 
  • Latest version of R and all R Packages are maintained at CRAN* website.

*CRAN : Comprehensive R Archive Network 

Note - For installing the R & R-Studio , it is recommended that we first install R and then install R-Studio.

Here below , we advise on the steps to be taken to install R on Windows platform -

Step 1 :- Download the latest version of R from

Step 2 :- Double-click on the file you just downloaded to install R

Step 3 :- Cick ok –> Next –> Next –> Next …. (no need to change default installation parameters)

You should now notice an icon on your desktop , with a large capital "R".

Congratulations !! you just successfully installed R on your Windows system.

Now , lets install R-Studio - 

But , what is R-Studio and Why we need R-Studio .....

RStudio is a free and open-source integrated development environment (IDE) for R.

RStudio is available in two editions: RStudio Desktop, where the program is run locally as a regular desktop application; and RStudio Server, which allows accessing RStudio using a web browser while it is running on a remote Linux server. 

Here below , we show how to install 'R-Studio Desktop' edition.

Step 2 - From the above mentioned website , download , the Free version of 'R Desktop Open Source' 

Step 3 - Then Run the downloaded R-Studio exe file and follow the instructions to Install the R-Studio.

Now , you will see a R-Studio icon on your Desktop , double click it and you are all set !!

Bon Voyage !!

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